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Well.... it would appear that it is 2016 now.. i have officially been offline since bloody 2009 .____. woooow.... Been drawing ALOT.... Painting... But mostly just working -____-#! And listening to Kpop!! 2016 has been a very eventful year.. I just turned 25.... Jebuuuus..... I feel old but at least i still look like im 15 :D (hense picture above >___> ) 


Sad to say alot of sad things have happened too... My Labrador named Zoey passed away near the end of last year. She wa 14 years old.. best dog EVER.. buuuuutt with death comes new life and new beginnings :) I got a puppy named Lily.. She is only 7 months old currently but as cute as a button.  Mini goldendoodle.. but somehow she is missing the poodle in her doodle.. Alot of the poodle actually lol! 



anywhoozers.... Will keep yall updated whenever i have time to update this account and add more drawings.. its going to take forever since i have done sooo many ... Just updated a few and i noticed how many likes my Deadpoolie pic got :D im soo thrilled!!! thank u all!!!!!



anywoozers love yall!! bye :D